Turkish Pasta with Feta, Yogurt and Dill

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Another recipe from the Food52 Cookbook Club! I would probably not have tried unless others in the group had written about how good it was, but like everything I’ve made from Simple so far, it was delicious. The combination of … Continue reading


Pork Chops with Mustard and Capers

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Recipe #3 for me from Simple by Diana Henry, the cookbook of the month in Facebook’s Food52 Cookbook Club, was Pork Chops with Mustard and Capers. This was another winner. Simple to make, a minimum number of ingredients and none … Continue reading


Asparagus with English goat’s cheese and warm butter dressing

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It’s spring! And it is very welcome. I have had enough of parsnips and carrots and potatoes… all those underground vegetables that tide me over until this season’s produce arrives. Bought my first bunches of asparagus last week and am … Continue reading


Huevos Rotos

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I joined a bookclub! It’s virtual, on Facebook, and it’s for cookbooks. Unlike other bookclubs, there’s no pressure to actually read the book, only to cook from it. Or not, if the book doesn’t suit your taste. Then post photos … Continue reading


Spot On 7 Popovers

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I return to the marvelous Joanne Kates Cookbook regularly. This time to make popovers (instead of Yorkshire pudding) to serve with roast beef. I’m on record as preferring Yorkshire pudding to the puffy sort of side that’s often served with … Continue reading