Victoria Sandwich

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Just in time for the Canadian holiday weekend: Victoria Sandwich. This cake is named after Queen Victoria who enjoyed a slice (or two, not judging) with her afternoon tea. I’m using Mary Berry’s recipe. She’s an English cooking queen who’s … Continue reading

Pasta with Smothered Onions Sauce

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As advertised, another here’s pasta recipe from Marcella Hazan and it’s just as delicious as the last one. The reason for this latest run on pasta recipes is partly because I like pasta a lot and partly because I’ve been … Continue reading

Penne with Creamy Sausage Sauce

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It took a while to remember where I found this recipe. All I could remember was that I’d had it my files for a long time… it was on a recipe card. Does anyone even use recipe cards any more? … Continue reading

Penza Pasta

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Today, a return visit to Grazie Ristorante in Toronto for some of their tasty Italian food. Last time I wrote about some of their food it was Pasta Milano in 2016. Pasta Penza is the latest dish to enter the … Continue reading

Ping Gai Chicken

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When I was thinking about what food to write about for the next while and had decided to tell you about food from restaurants in Toronto I had made, I did some research. By research, I mean I pulled out … Continue reading

Arugula Salad

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This is a recipe that comes from my favourite place to get a pizza in Toronto: Pizzeria Libretto. I especially like the nduja sausage and burrata margherita versions. But today, it’s not a pizza on the menu. The best thing … Continue reading

Indonesian Barbecued Chicken

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Making this recipe makes me a little bit sad (but mostly happy) because the restaurant that I used to eat this in is gone. The Bamboo was a swinging hot spot on Queen Street West in Toronto during the ’80s, … Continue reading