Ping Gai Chicken

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When I was thinking about what food to write about for the next while and had decided to tell you about food from restaurants in Toronto I had made, I did some research. By research, I mean I pulled out … Continue reading

Indonesian Barbecued Chicken

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Making this recipe makes me a little bit sad (but mostly happy) because the restaurant that I used to eat this in is gone. The Bamboo was a swinging hot spot on Queen Street West in Toronto during the ’80s, … Continue reading

Chinese Barbecued Spareribs

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Every year on New Year’s Day, my family goes for lunch at a Chinese buffet restaurant. I believe that this tradition began because no one was able to face cooking after partying late into the night on New Year’s Eve. … Continue reading

Soba Noodles with Sesame Seeds

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There’s a new ingredient on whatfoodimade: soba noodles. They’re made from buckwheat flour and that gives them a nutty flavour and a chewier texture compared to traditional noodles made from wheat flour. Mostly they’re served cold and that’s exactly what … Continue reading

Fried Rice with Egg

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This recipe is not this one: While repeating a recipe certainly could happen, I do try to remember to check before I go all out and create a new posting. But it is different and it is the next … Continue reading