Fried Rice with Egg

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This recipe is not this one: While repeating a recipe certainly could happen, I do try to remember to check before I go all out and create a new posting. But it is different and it is the next … Continue reading


Fresh Green Peas and Sugar Snap Peas in Sesame Dressing

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Not too much to show here, but a hearty recommendation nonetheless. Take advantage of the new spring produce and make this light, Asian-flavour salad. Peas. Sugar snap peas. The dressing. Peas, tossed with the dressing. Here’s the recipe: Fresh … Continue reading


Crunchy Bok Choy Slaw

crunchy bok choy slaw

Arriving too early for my dim sum lunch date in Toronto’s Chinatown last weekend gave me loads of time to go grocery shopping. That’s the plus side. The minus side is that now I have lots of produce which needs … Continue reading