Bacon and Egg Fried Rice

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Maybe I will make a resolution this year. Not a new year’s resolution – it’s way too far into 2017 for that now. Let’s call it an intention instead. My intention this year: I’m going to try to remember to … Continue reading


The Diva of Grilled Cheese

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Sure, everyone knows how to make a grilled cheese sandwich: a couple of slices of processed cheese between bread, buttered and fried in a pan until it’s gooey and golden. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But this is better. … Continue reading


Five-spice Broiled Pork Chops

Five-spice Broiled Pork Chops

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One more thing to try to reduce your food bill? Buy what the grocery store puts on sale. If your store is like mine, there are great offers every week… especially on large packages of meat. I took advantage of … Continue reading


Leek Bread Pudding

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The first time I try a recipe, I do my best to follow it exactly. That way, I have a benchmark. If the recipe was a winner, then I have it all ready for the next time I want to … Continue reading


Twice-Cooked Pork

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It’s just past Canadian Thanksgiving and I have had enough turkey now to last until Christmas. It’s time for something completely different. This is a two-part recipe: cook the meat one time in the morning, then let it cool in … Continue reading