Black and White Banana Loaf

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It doesn’t matter there are two different banana breads on this blog and that I have already declared Dominique Ansel’s version perfect. I haven’t stopped making other banana bread recipes. So why continue to try different recipes? There are so … Continue reading


Dominique Ansel’s Banana Bread

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On a never-ending search for the ultimate banana bread, I found this version. It is fantastic. Often I spread a layer of almond butter or Nutella or some such deliciousness on top of my toasted banana bread but this one … Continue reading


Bananas and Grapes with Lime

bananas and grapes with lime

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Here’s a very easy dessert which pays back a minimum of effort tenfold. Slicing, squeezing and stirring and you’re done! Easy ingredients to have on hand too. The combination of flavours is lovely: the tart lime, sweetened with sugar, smoothed … Continue reading


Banana Bread with Pecans

sliced banana bread

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I make Banana Butterscotch Muffins a lot ( Every time I have brown bananas, the muffins are my favourite recipe. But every once in a while, I need a change. Today, we’re gonna give banana bread a try. Ingredients and … Continue reading