Egg Tortilla Pie

I cannot quit Nigella.

During one of the interviews from Nigella’s last visit to Toronto, she talked about how she thought that home cooks were more creative than restaurant cooks. The cooks in a restaurant make the same dishes the same way day after day compared to the home cook who has to work with what they find in the refrigerator to figure out what to make for dinner. She called it a “fridge forage.” Love it!

I end up doing that a lot, mostly in an attempt to use the products I’ve bought before they go bad. I start out with good intentions with many recipes floating around in my head then forget to buy (or can’t find) an ingredient that’s necessary and improvise instead.

There was a little bit of a fridge forage going on with this recipe as there was no ham here in Casa Whatfoodimade, so turkey was used instead. I won’t sweat it if I don’t have cheddar next time I make this, I’ll use Gruyere or some other tasty melting cheese. And maybe I’ll add some cooked onions or red peppers or salsa instead of hot sauce.

But not mushrooms. There will never be mushrooms added.

There will be a next time for sure (I’ve made it three times already) as this was a snap to put together and delicious with a nice mix of textures too.

Here’s most of what is required for this.

Eggs, grated cheese, sliced turkey and tortillas.

To begin, place a tortilla in an oiled oven-proof fry pan.

Bottom layer.

Place turkey pieces over the tortilla.

Add the turkey.

Break the eggs into the pan and add salt.

Add two eggs.

Sprinkle a third of the grated cheddar over, then put another tortilla on top, oiled side up. Top with the rest of the cheddar and as much hot sauce as you’d like.

One more tortilla with cheddar and hot sauce.

Bake for 15 minutes…

Egg Tortilla Pie.

…then serve Egg Tortilla Pie.

A slice of egg tortilla pie.

Here’s the recipe:

Egg Tortilla Pie

Preparation time less than 30 mins
Cooking time 10 to 30 mins
Serves 1–2

This recipe for an easy, throw-it-all-together supper or bolstering weekend breakfast comes from my long-time kitchen companion, Hettie Potter, and very grateful I am, too. Impressively, she makes this a single portion. I, no modest eater, feel it is perfectly substantial for two, though it is a little tricky to divide. Think of this as a pie that uses flour tortillas in place of pastry.


2 tsp olive oil
2 large flour tortillas
1–2 slices ham, torn into pieces
2 large free-range eggs, at room temperature
Pinch sea salt flakes
2½ oz cheddar, grated
hot sauce, to taste


Preheat the oven to 400°F.

Use 1 teaspoon of the oil to lightly grease the base and sides of a shallow, round, ovenproof dish. Line it with one of the tortillas, making sure it comes up the sides a little, creating a tortilla bowl.

Scatter over the ham, crack in the eggs – sprinkling the yolks with a little salt – and then spread about a third of the cheese on top.

Brush one side of the second tortilla with oil and place oiled-side up, loosely on top of the filling. Press the edges of the tortillas together, pushing them down into the dish and up the sides, then brush these edges with a little more oil.

Top with the remaining cheese, then add a few squeezes or shakes of hot sauce, depending on how fiery you want this to be. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, by which time the eggs will be cooked inside, the cheese melted, and the edges of the tortilla crust crisped and browned. Ovens do vary, so you may find you need to alter the cooking time. Eat immediately. This is not a huge problem.


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