St. Lawrence Market

Recently, there’s been some publicity around an article by National Geographic calling Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market ( one of the 10 best markets in the world.

And Trip Advisor calls it the #1 place to shop in Toronto:

I am not in a position to judge whether either one of these is correct, but it is my favourite place to shop. The variety is incredible with several butchers, produce shops, cheesemongers, fishmongers (if you want that sort of thing), bakeries and much, much more to choose from. Honey! Coffee beans! Bagels! Emu meat!

I enjoy that because I have preferred suppliers here – shops I’ve been frequenting for years – I am greeted warmly whenever I get back to shop. The merchants are helpful and obliging, always ready to answer questions on what they’re selling. So very different than in my local grocery store, where the only people you see are shelf stockers and cashiers. With a liquor store right across the street there’s everything a food lover could want. The surrounding area is beautiful, with a mix of old and new architecture. And on Saturdays, the north building on the other side of the street is open with an amazing farmer’s market.

Here’s what I saw:

The Flatiron Building.

The south market.

Market Street, beside the south market.

Across the road from the south market building.

Let’s go inside.

There are two floors. Downstairs first.
Aisles and aisles of packaged goods from around the world.

Lots of food to buy in bulk.

Rube’s Rice.

More than just rice.

Beautiful bouquets available.

Upstairs now.

Stacks of fruit:

Where I like to buy meat, St. Lawrence Upper Cut Meats.

My favourite cheese shop, Chris’ Cheesemongers. They let you try before you buy.

Inside the market.

Family Food Market has an outstanding variety of fruits and vegetables.

Some of the food I bought:


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