George Benson

These days, I’m not doing too much cooking, as it’s jazz festival season and I’m out, seeing as many shows as I can. Luckily, I won front-row tickets to a show I thought I was going to have to pass on, so was able to nearly fill my camera with shots of a guitarist I’ve liked since the mid-seventies: George Benson.

Though he became better known for singing rather than his guitar playing, his guitar playing is the part of his performance I enjoy most (though singing along to the popular songs is pretty fun too) and when Benson plays live, there is no lack of straight ahead jazz guitar. He played a mix of songs from his back catalogue as well as from his latest recording, Guitar Man. A great show!

Because one of the companies which sponsors the jazz festival has a green logo, the stage is bathed in the most horrid colour before the show starts:

The instrument:

The show starts with “Breezin'”:

Then George plays “Love x Love”:

The bass player:

The end of the show:

Soaking up some love from the audience:

But wait! There’s more! The encore and a costume change.
‘On Broadway’

He can play that there guitar.

Then, though there’s no photographic proof, I got to shake George’s hand. Because I’m not a complete wacko, I have washed it since. But still! I got to touch one of the hands that has played all that great music! Wow.


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