My Quilt

My mother decided she wanted to make a quilt. I remember shopping with her for interesting fabric for this quilt… not a favourite pastime of mine, though she certainly enjoyed it. Digging through piles of remnants to find just what she was looking for was such fun for her.

She started piecing this quilt together. The pattern is called ‘flying geese’ – three triangles are sewn together to make a rectangle, then those rectangles are sewn together to make strips. Mum spent hours putting the pieces together, matching the different fabrics to make the rectangles.

Before she could finish the quilt, she had a stroke and passed away. After some time had passed, Dad decided to donate all the quilt pieces to a group of volunteers who made quilts to raffle off to benefit the local hospital. These ladies worked their magic, finished the quilt and it looked beautiful.

As you might expect, my father and I both bought many tickets for the raffle to try and win the quilt. Sadly, someone else won the raffle.

Do not despair! There is a happy ending. The woman who won the raffle heard the story of how the quilt came to be and was nice enough to give it to my Dad. Actually, I think he traded a case of wine for it. Then, for Christmas, he gave the quilt to me.

I love looking at it. I recall shopping for the fabric with my mother fondly now, and recognize some of my old shirts that were converted into rectangles to make the quilt.

I think about my mother a lot, but especially today on Mother’s Day. She was a kind person and she would have appreciated the thoughtfulness of the gift of giving up the quilt. Her memory is honoured by that.

Quilt photo 1.

Quilt photo 2.

Quilt photo 3.

Quilt photo 4.

Quilt photo 5.

Quilt photo 6.

Quilt photo 7.

Quilt photo 8.


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